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STOP being Robbed!

How many times have you or someone you known shied away from having a photo taken with the excuse "I just don't look good in photos?"

There is nothing that upsets us quite like knowing that people have put up with bad photos and unprofessional photographers for way to long. The worst part about lousy photos and bad photographers is it has away of robbing us and those we love of three things:

1) Our self esteem

2) Our hard earned money

3) Memories that we can pass on to our family and friends.

If you're tired of being robbed (and you should be) you can't afford to not hear what I'm about to share with you.

With the recent revolution of digital photography, it has become increasingly easier for the unskilled enthusiast to get their hands on a nice camera with professional potential and call themselves a pro photographer.

Unfortunately, having a nice camera (and even going to school for photography) doesn't make one a pro photographer it just makes the person being photographed believe they are not photogenic.

If you don't think you're photogenic then you know just how frustrating, time consuming, costly, and painful the photography process can be.

Now, believe me, I understand all too well the pain and frustration of this process because it wasn't to long ago that I felt just like you.

So rather than sit back and continue to allow others to rob me, I did something about it.

I bought a camera, got the best studio photography training the world had to offer, went on a journey across the country photographing over 50,000 people from all walks of life, and learned that there is no such thing as an un-photogenic person...

...but there are plethora of lousy photographers masquerading as professionals hiding behind expensive equipment.

My journey taught me many things, including how to recognize and unlock the photogenic beauty of every person I have the opportunity to photograph; it taught me how to capture the true essence of a person and freeze that moment in time for future generations.

But rather than just taking my word for it, I've made special arrangements with Groupon, for a limited time, to let you experience the difference a truly professional portrait makes at greatly discounted rates.

Hurry. This is a limited time offer.

It's time to stop being robbed and join the fight. Together we can rid the world of bad photos one portrait session at a time.





Joseph Wood

P.S. Why not purchase an additional session for a friend, family member, or even co-worker and help them create a priceless memory!



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